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Greetings from Inart.co.in, leading online marketplace for Sanitary ware. Inart.co.in has partnered with trustworthy manufacturers, dealers, and sellers from across the country for making available state-of-the-art products to consumers across the nation at reasonable rates.


Inart.co.in is one of the oldest business entities in India. The purpose of Inart.co.in is to spread awareness on the benefits and attributes of Sanitary ware and work towards establishing standards in quality, service and customer orientation in the industry.


We are supplying various types of Sanitary ware Products mainly we are supplying Sanitary ware like Water Closets | One Piece Water Closets | Wall Hung Water Closets | Wall Mounted Water Closets | Western Commode | Western Toilets | Wash Basins | Wall Hung Wash Basins | Table Top Wash Basins| Counter Wash Basins | Top Counter Wash Basins | Designer Wash Basins | Designer Table Top Wash Basins | European Water Closets | EWC'S | English Toilet Seats | Anglo Indian Toilets | Indian Toilets | Urinals | Orissa Pan | C T Pan | Laboratory Sinks | Lab Sinks | Ceramic Sinks | Toilet Seat Covers | Slow Motion Seat Covers | Hydraulic Seat Covers, S Trap, P Trap, One Piece Water Closets, Western Commode, Toilet Seats, Floor Mounted, Wall Mounted, Ceramic Toilets, Dual Flush Toilet, Wall Hung Water Closets, Pedestal Wash Basins, Wall Hung Wash Basins, Table Top Wash Basins, Ewcs, Anglo Indian Toilets, Indian Toilets, Orissa Pans, Urinals, Small Size Wash Basins, Lab Sinks, Automatic Hand Dryer, Toilet Seat Cover, Automatic Sensor Tap, Automatic Urinal Flusher, Towel Rack, Folding Towel Rack, Towel Rod, Soap Dish, Tumbler Holder, Towel Ring, Robe Hook,  etc. 

Inart.co.in aims at providing, through its member manufacturing companies, high quality of Sanitary ware to consumers at reasonable prices. The service and quality responsibility is only taken by companies who manufacture well-known branded products. You, as an aware and esteemed customer, are urged to buy only branded products that give you this assurance. Remember, Brand Inart.co.in is a sign of quality assurance.


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