Why You Should Buy a Wall Mount Toilet: A blog covering some of the advantages of using wall mounted toilets. 
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Why You Should Buy a Wall Mount Toilet: A blog covering some of the advantages of using wall mounted toilets. 

by InArt .co.in on Jul 22, 2022

Common in European bathrooms, wall-mounted toilets started gaining popularity in the india as well and for good reason. There are numerous advantages to using them, both in terms of used space and practicality and design overall. But first let’s discuss a few general details.

So what is a wall-hung toilet and what makes it special? Their main distinctive feature which differentiates them from floor-mount toilets is the fact that the water tank is concealed behind the wall. It still remains accessible through the flush plate opening but stays out of view or you can use flush valves as well which are directly connected to the main water line to the bathroom. The bowl is mounted to the wall and the plumbing is connected to the water tank inside the wall.

The list of pros and cons is not that complex. One major advantage is that a wall-mounted toilet takes up very little space. Because it’s attached to the wall, it occupies zero floor space.Super helpful for Any Open Space: Wall Mounted Toilet by giving you a number of ways to use the space effectively.

And, because of that, you can install it wherever you find it more convenient as long as it’s near a water source. This way you get to open up the space and allow the bathroom to look more airy and spacious.

Wall Hung Toilets Comes with Quiet close seat, Quick Release, Easy to Clean, High-profile, concealed design makes cleaning easier and creates a sleek and smooth look.

In addition, the concealed water tank also keeps the bathroom simple and easier to coordinate with the rest of the home, if you’ve chosen a minimalist, contemporary design. It’s a really great way of getting rid of big eyesores in this case since you can also conceal the water outlets and other elements of the toilet.

Another advantage is that wall-mounted toilets make cleaning easier. Since they’re not attached to the floor in any way, cleaning the space underneath is considerably easier.

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